Here’s the Best Way to Send Treats from South Africa to Loved Ones Abroad!

Because being a South African living abroad is no easy task.

Being a South African living abroad is tough. Just think, they have to live a life without Mrs. Balls Chutney, Ouma Rusks, and biltong! If you’ve got family abroad now might be the perfect time to send them a little piece of home and remind them that you are thinking of them all the way down here in Africa. But let’s be honest, our Post Office isn’t exactly the most reliable, so sending stuff from South Africa to far-off distant lands isn’t the easiest task, to say the least.

Luckily we’ve got a super easy, reliable, convenient, and affordable way to send care packages to your loved ones abroad (Hallelujah!). Treats From Home allows you to send a truly South African treat package, beautifully and carefully packaged in Cape Town, South Africa, jam-packed with truly South African chocolates, snacks, and other delicacies, which are then shipped directly to the US. No scurrying around and trying to find and construct your own goodie-box (let alone mail it) — all the work is done for you.

The curated chocolate or snack box will then arrive at their (or your) door in a matter of days – that’s right, no month-long nail-biting wait for your relatives to send something over, using your friend as a mule (legally, of course).

There are boxes comprising of the best South African chocolates, candies, tea and cookies (because every tea needs an accompanying Eat Some More), and a spice box too. Furthermore, if you want a little bit of everything, Treats From Home has an assorted South African snack box, including rusks, Simba chips, chocolates, and more (not to mention a small gift: a South Africa keyring to carry a little piece of home with you no matter where you go).

There are a number of snack box options available

  • The South African Cadbury’s chocolates bundle (featuring Crunchie, Chomp, Lunch Bar, and other iconic chocolates).
  • The South African Nestle chocolates bundle (featuring Peppermint Crisp, Milky Bar, Aero, and others).
  • The South African tea pack (for those who love their SA teams, coffee, rusks, and biscuits)
  • The variety box, which features a little bit of everything, including Nestle and Cadbury’s chocolates, biscuits, some Simba chips, and more. There is a 26 unit option, and for a little extra snacks, a 36 unit option is available.
  • And the South African variety spice box, for those who are itching for a little bit of South African flavour in their food and cooking.

Our gift boxes are filled with the best-known snack brands from South Africa, so, check out Treats From Home and find the perfect way to send some (chocolate-wrapped) South African love this season.