We were founded by two adventurous Aussies who understand the powerful connection between delicious food and cherished memories. We’ve all felt that pang of homesickness – the one triggered by a familiar taste or a beloved snack.

That’s why Treats From Home was born! We have a vision to bring a taste of home to expats around the world, no matter where their journey takes them. We source the most popular and delectable treats from Australia, South Africa, Poland, Japan, and beyond.

Our products are hand-picked and curated – by people who understand the importance of those special flavors from back home. We bring you a global selection so you can experience a little piece of home, wherever you are in the world.

We started small, but our love for bringing people a taste of comfort has helped us grow to over 200 delicious items! We’re constantly expanding our range and exploring new flavors. If there’s a specific treat you miss from home, let us know – we’d love to find it for you.

At Treats From Home, our mission is simple: to bring you a taste of home, wherever you may roam.

100% Guaranteed Happiness with Every Bite