The most Iconic Aussie Snacks available in USA

What does it mean to be an Aussie

There are a few iconic things that come to mind when I think about what makes an Aussie.

Of course there’s the usual…… Bondi Beach, The Opera House & Harbour Bridge and of course our unique Kangaroos, Koalas and Kookaburras.

Then there’s our fantastic Food, Snacks and Lollies-known as Candy in the USA.

A few of our most well known and loved foods are Tim Tam biscuits, Vegemite, and Caramello Koalas and all can be found in our Treats from Home Gift packs.

Let’s talk about Vegemite.

It is a dark coloured spread made from yeast extract with added vitamins and minerals, it’s full of flavour and a little salty.

Aussie kids are brought up on vegemite from the time we are able to hold our own food, one of the first tastes of vegemite are “vegemite fingers”…..vegemite spread on buttered toast. But when I say spread I don’t mean thick like peanut butter on toast -I mean not too much and not too little-just enough to still see the toast underneath. 

We are given vegemite sandwiches (sometimes with a slice of cheese added) to take to school in our lunch boxes & when we come home we have vegemite on crackers for an afternoon snack. We love our vegemite!!!!

  • Great cooking tip for the best tasting gravy-add 1/4 teaspoon of vegemite per 500ml/17fl oz of gravy.
  • It’s fantastic on toast with avocado and a poached egg on top.
  • Try some vegemite on a large cracker with a slice of cheese and tomato.

The Iconic Tim Tam.

The most popular Australian treat is the Tim Tam biscuit- they are basically an Aussie staple. There are the classic flavours of Original, Chewy Caramel, Double Coat, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate.  There are also a few Deluxe flavours you must try Triple Choc & Dark Choc Mint. These flavours are all available in our Treats from Home brand Tim Tam packs. If you’re catering for a crowd  – why not get the family pack x2…..already boxed to give as a gift or share with friends.

There are so many ways to purchase Tim Tam packs  -we have 3 versions of the 4 pack box – To start with there is the 4 pack of original flavour, next is the classic range of Original, Dark Chocolate, Chewy Caramel & White Chocolate OR our new mix of Original, Double Coat, Chewy Caramel and Salted Caramel. They look great and taste even better and make fantastic gifts for any occasion.

There’s something else you should know about TIM TAMS………..the Tim Tam Slam

The ritual involves biting off the diagonal corners of the biscuit………… (making sure you can see the filling inside). Now dip the biscuit into your hot (not boiling) drink and suck through the biscuit like a straw.

A few points to think about.

  • Your Tim Tam will also begin to absorb whatever you are drinking. Some beverages will absorb more quickly than others, but eventually your Tim Tam will become saturated.
  • Don’t drop the biscuit!!!
  • Timing is important at this point in the slam. If you wait too long, your Tim Tam might fall apart into your drink. If you jump the gun, you might find your Tim Tam hasn’t reached optimal saturation.
  • You should avoid drinking beverages that are too hot with your Tim Tam. This could result in you burning your mouth! If your drink just came out of the coffee pot, microwave, or off the stove, you may want to wait a few minutes.
  • Most importantly…………enjoy!!!!!!!

Cadbury Australian Chocolates

Cadbury’s Chocolate is the most popular chocolate in Australia and we have some of the best choices completely unique to Australia. Two of the most famous Cadbury’s chocolates are the Caramello Koala and the Freddo Frog.  They are a perfect size for a sweet treat and will satisfy your cravings for delicious cadbury chocolate. Another fantastic Aussie chocolate is a “Crunchie”, this is a bar of honeycomb smothered in rich cadbury chocolate-delicious on its own or crumbled up and sprinkled over a bowl of ice-cream. The other Chocolate bar we are known for is a “Cherry Ripe”, this bar contains ripe juicy cherries and coconut covered in rich dark chocolate……indulgent and delicious..

  • Cherry Ripes are fantastic chopped up and added to your next batch of Brownies or Rocky Road-giving them an Aussie Flare that people will remember forever.l 
  • All of these can be found in 3 of our “Treats From Home” care packs.
South African Cadbury Chocolate Box – 16 units