The Most Popular Australian Snacks in The USA

Read time: 5 minutes

Article Highlights:

  • Despite being a small place Australia has some great snacks in the world.
  • Tim Tams is an iconic treat, we showcase some great gift box ideas that have them in it.
  • Vegemite is extremely popular but be warned it’s an acquired taste.
  • Cadbury’s has a range of unique Australian chocolate worth sampling

When it comes to snacks and chocolates, Australia punches above its weight category.  Although we are a nation of roughly only 20 Million people, we have a large number of iconic snacks that are popular worldwide.   In this article we review the most popular treats that have come out of Australia and the best way to buy them.  

There is no shortage of snacks, chocolates, sweets and cookies in the USA, but Aussie Snacks have a particular taste to them that make them unique.  They work perfectly as gifts for Americans that want to taste something different, or for an Australian friend that might be missing home.  But how do you know which snacks to buy? As Australians, we’ve been snacking on these treats for decades.  Consider us your local guides!

The Iconic Tim Tam

The most popular Australian treat is the Tim Tam biscuit.  Head into any Australian supermarket and you will see them front and center.  They are basically an Aussie staple.  

If you want to give a great gift, you can’t go wrong with a Tim Tam sampler pack.  These Tim Tam boxes contain 4 packs of Tim Tams each with 11 biscuits per pack.  They look great and taste even better.  They come in 2 assortments:

A 4 Pack Original, Caramel, Dark Chocolate & White Chocolate. 

And a 4 pack original, for those that can’t get enough of the original biscuit.

After you’ve got your Tim Tam pack, make sure you take the Tim Tam Slam.   This is the best way to eat your Tim Tams


This one is an acquired taste.  Vegemite is an Australian spread made from leftover yeast extract.  We love to eat this on toast with a bit of butter.  My kids eat it every day and would not manage without it.  I’ve seen a few Americans try to eat this, thinking it is chocolate and this has ended badly.  Be cautioned it is a very different taste to what you are probably used to.  Here’s a funny video of Americans trying out vegemite for the first time.

You don’t need a lot of vegemite at all, a quarter teaspoon spread on top of toast, will give a very strong taste.  For that reason we recommend buying a small pack.  This 16 pack gift box includes a couple of small sachets, which is the ideal amount of vegemite for a few pieces of toast.  And if you don’t like it, at least you get a whole bunch of other great Aussie treats to wash the taste away!

Cadbury’s Australian Chocolates

Cadbury’s chocolate has a unique taste in Australia, the same way that it tastes different in South Africa and the UK.  Also, Cadury’s make varieties that are unique to Australia.  Two of the most famous cadbury’s chocolates are the Caramello Koala and the Freddo Frog.  These 2 chocolate can be found at every Australian kids birthday party!  It’s almost a certainty that any Aussie you know has grown up on these!

Both of these can be found in the 29 unit Aussie Snack Box.  Enjoy them along with a host of other iconic Aussie treats.